Our Ears Are Ringing!

(and it's not from mic feedback)

Because we're just getting acquainted, we wanted to share some testimonials from past students and clients.

- Some are just about Laura (a.k.a. Ms. P)
- Some are just about Melissa
- Some are about us both!

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Video TestimonialsHear What Past Clients & Students Are Saying

Lindsey Germono
Laura & Melissa's podcast consulting client. Founder of Germono Advertising Company.

Caroline Van Keymuelen
Attended Laura's How to Start & Market Your Podcast seminar in Lemnos, Greece. Founder of MindmapStories.co.

Melissa's former consulting client for social media and web design.

Heather Geissel
Laura's former employee (tutor).

Melissa's business coaching client.

Heidi Koffman
Laura's copywriting and podcast growth consulting client, The Hippie Hobby.

Allison Reynolds
Laura's former student and student exchange participant.  now currently a teacher herself.

Alicia Olivas
Laura's former student for Math & Psychology.  Now a Math teacher herself!

Rachel (Radka) Cejkova
Laura's classmate in the Teacher English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program who has gone on to become a teacher, friend, and business brainstorming buddy.

Written TestimonialsSee What Past Clients & Students Have to Say

lisa corrales testimonial for laura petersen

"I met Laura when she was the President of the Ambassadors in the Chandler Chamber of Commerce in Arizona. And I have worked with Laura Petersen on several occasions.

The amazing thing about Laura is if you are going to have a cup of coffee with her you better bring a pad of paper and a pen. It turns into an amazing brainstorming event. I love bouncing ideas off of her, sometimes I cannot even write fast enough.

She has an uncanny sense of insight to what you need for your business. She is so friendly and helpful and at the same time thoughtful. Her natural teaching ability shines through at all times."


gab shaffer testimonial for laura

"Laura (or "Ms. P") was my math teacher in high school and my experience with her as an educator was an overwhelmingly positive one. I'd always been good at math but it was my least favorite subject and one that required that I applied myself to obtain the scores I'd desired.

Ms. P was and I'm sure continues to be one of the most patient people! However, many times a concept needed to be repeated she never made you feel incompetent or excessive in the time it required you to grasp it.

Most importantly though, she shares who she is with her pupils, encouraging them to travel, to strive towards personal ambitions and to never stop learning no matter what your circumstance because the curriculum of the universe is infinite and worth constant and consistent exploration."


jamie lee testimonial

"Ms. Petersen was my Psychology teacher in 2009. Coming to her class was always a treat. Her energy and positivity kept me interested in every topic, and her beautifully detailed notes and powerpoints kept me engaged.

Thanks to her, I became a well organized and overall better note taker. That year I was also taking pre-calc -- or shall I say struggling with pre-calc -- I knew she was also a math guru, so I would come to her room after class sometimes and she would help me connect the dots. And the best part is that I retained the information!

I’m so thankful for her, and anyone who gets the chance to work with her will see how knowledgeable, inspiring, and downright interesting this woman is!"


shawn c. testimonial

"As a student of Laura’s for 3 years at Hamilton High School, there were several memorable instances of her excellent leadership and persistent dedication to the craft of teaching. However, one experience, in particular, stands out that I still recall to this day.
After school, in one of her geometry classes, I can recall going back to correct problems that I had initially missed in a test corrections session. In this session, I had managed to correct and relook at a few questions I had missed in my first try, but one question stood out. After some time, I found myself mentally agonizing over this one question and spending far too much time on it than I felt it was worth. After about 30 minutes on this one problem and a boggled mind from the ensuing amounts of critical thinking it seemed to require, I conceded to not knowing how to do it and simply returned it to Laura. While standing at her desk, she quickly reviewed my effort and noticed that I failed to correct that one question, which prompted her to ask me why. Shrugging my shoulders, I simply responded with the fact that I was content with not understanding it and not leaving an answer. However, she didn’t let up and ultimately, helped me better understand the problem and examine it from another perspective. In a quick five minutes, I returned to my desk and correctly solved the problem.
Since that time, I’ve consistently recalled this instance with Laura in my head at times where I’ve encountered other problems that seemed unsolvable or when I’ve simply became complacent. Transcending the classroom, this experience has taught me that while I may not use geometry or the answer to this one question on a day to day basis, the lessons I took away from that instance with Laura have enabled me to be successful in many other endeavors of my life.”



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